Tulsi Beads Knotted Japa Mala




Knotted Tulsi Beads Mala / Necklace. These beads can be worn as a necklace or a bracelet and used for mantra and meditation work.

Devotees of Krishna wear Tulsi neck beads, often as three strands at the base of the neck. Tulsi beads worn around the neck indicate a devotee’s surrender to the Lord; such a person is dear to the Lord.

Tulsi beads are said to protect one from bad dreams, accidents, attack by weapons, and inauspicious destinations at death.


Material – Tulsi
Beads – 108 bead
Tassel – Orange
Length – 38.1 cm to 41.9 cm. ( 15″ to 16.5″)
Circumference – 32″ to 34″
Size of Bead – 4 to 6 mm